– the Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Security Scheme
With the continuing threat of terrorism there has been a heightening
of security at airports throughout the world, making the hobby of
watching and photographing aircraft an increasingly difficult pastime.
Enthusiasts have found themselves “moved on” from their favoured
observation points, being classed as a possible security risk. The
West Midlands Police at Birmingham International Airport have put
in place a security scheme to assist enthusiasts in continuing their
hobby, as well as tapping into the knowledge and presence of said
enthusiasts in the fight against potential terrorism and crime.
The “BAESS” is a joint initiative of the West Midlands Police based
at Birmingham International Airport and the Birmingham Aviation
Enthusiasts Group and is sponsored by Birmingham
International Airport Limited. It has the following aims:

· The use of enthusiasts’ knowledge of aviation environment and
observation skills to report any suspicious activity.

· To promote responsible behavior amongst enthusiasts,
discouraging the small minority that cause damage, obstructions etc.

· To promote greater understanding of the enthusiast’s cause
and consultation on enthusiasts’ issues with both the West Midlands
Police and the Airport Company.

An ID badge is issued (free of charge) to all members of the
“BAESS”. The badge does not confer entry to any private,
restricted or secure area, it merely confirms that the holder
is a genuine aviation enthusiast, and is intended to save both
Police and enthusiast time by providing a quick and easy
check when required.

Enthusiasts wishing to join the scheme can obtain an application
form from the “Aviation Experience and Gift Centre” at the
viewing gallery at Birmingham International Airport
or by sending an email to: gordon@airtimepublishing.co.uk

Please report suspicious activity

to the Airport Police on

0121-712-6150/6150 or

the Anti-Terrorist hotline

on 0800 789321
The “Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Security Scheme” is a joint
initiative of the West Midlands Police Airport Division and the
Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Group and is sponsored
by Birmingham International Airport Limited
Promoting co-operation between Aviation
Enthusiasts, West Midlands Police and
Birmingham International Airport
The Manpads Neighbourhood Police Team is a dedicated unit of
Police Officers based at West Midlands Police Operations Aviation
Unit at Birmingham InternationalAirport.
As part of a government led initiative the team are working on
engaging with communities in the areas surrounding the airport.
We are asking these members of the public to be additional
"eyes and ears" reporting anything suspicious to us in an attempt
to reduce the opportunity for terrorist related incidents. It is
important to note that the security threat assessment to the UK
has NOT been raised and there is no current intelligence or
suggestion that an attack is likely or expected.
If you feel that you could contribute to the initiative then please
send the details below to: mnpt@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk

Tel/Mobile no
Please state BAEG/BAESS member/aircraft enthusiast
In 2008 BAESS members were pleased to support -
for HM Forces Injured In Action
Saturday 15 March 2008 at Birmingham Airport in support of
Royal Centre for Defence Medicine,
Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham
The Airport Police Unit in conjunction with West Midlands
Ambulance, West Midlands Fire Service, Birmingham
International Airport Fire Service, The Airport Company,
Flybe and Pertemps organised an event to raise money for
soldiers who become injured whilst serving their country.
Flights from Afghanistan and Iraq regularly arrive into
Birmingham International Airport with injured military
personnel before transferring by road to Selly Oak Hospital.
The first phase of this event was a "Plane Pull" using a
Flybe BAe 146-300 aircraft, attempting to pull it 100 metres
across the Elmdon apron.
Let the plane take the strain!
Inspector Williams, Deputy Commander of the Airport Police Unit,
explains the aim of the event to Central TV
"Pull complete" - the group photograph! - the "team"
consisted of members of the local Emergency services
supported by the Armed Forces
Royal Air Force C 17 Globemaster ZZ174 visited Birmingham in
support of the event and parked on the former Runway 06/24

The C 17 pilot explains the cockpit - the aircraft can fly non stop
from Kandahar in Afghanistan to Birmingham

The second phase of the charity event was to recreate the journey
the wounded take from the airport to the Royal Centre of Defence
Medicine at Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham....
.... by carrying a stretcher and "patient" starting from disembarking
the C 17 and then off to Selly Oak - a distance of 14 miles via the
major commercial centres of south Birmingham
Mission complete the RAF C 17 departs back to Brize Norton
off Runway 15
For more information on this charity see -